Thursday 19 April 2018

God of War Review

God of War Review
Beardier n' Badder - 4.6/5
With a wild swing of his axe and angry grunt in his voice, Kratos begins life on the PlayStation 4 in a somewhat different fashion to past God of War games. Appearing older and perhaps wiser now, another significant difference is that with this latest incarnation of God of War; Kratos isn't alone.

In a setting that substitutes Greek gods with Norse mythology, joining the Ghost of Sparta on his venture to the peak of a sacred mountain is his young son, Atreus. And while the thought of seeing Kratos play a father figure in a God of War title seems a little outlandish at first, the connection between the two keeps the story intriguing with the youngster's inclusion not lessening the relentless violence and overall savagery synonymous with past entries in the series.

Furthermore, although the over the shoulder third-person camera angle sways away from past God of War games - a brief exchange at the start of the story between Arteus and Kratos sees the former ambiguously mention that something "feels different" - their journey together feels as though it can only work from this new perspective. As a result, God of War delivers enough action and emotion to breathe new life into the franchise and although it isn't a unique entry in the action-adventure genre; it should delight both old and newcomers alike.


God of War sees Kratos and Atreus living a tranquil life hidden away in the woods of Scandinavia. Playing the role of teacher and protector, Kratos is doing his best to raise and mentor his son, while also trying to shake away the demons from his past. While the log cabin buried amongst the forest trees seems like a safe place for the pair; it doesn't take long for a curious tattooed stranger to soon disrupt their solitude.

As this visitor presents a notable threat to their safety, Kratos decides that although Atreus "isn't ready", the best recourse is to abandon their home and take his young son on a trip to fulfil the last wish of his recently deceased wife by scattering her ashes at the top of the highest peak in all the realm.

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