Saturday 1 September 2018

State of Mind Review

State of Mind Review
iRo-bored... 3.1/5
In a present where we have the likes of Elon Musk and SpaceX, developer Daedalic Entertainment's version of our future might not be so far fetched.

With their latest release, sci-fi adventure State of Mind propels us thirty years into a dystopian future where, among other things, autonomous Tesla-esque vehicles are the norm. Furthermore, robots and automated AI are commonplace throughout households, as are food dispensers that can make any dish via the press of a button. And while all of these contraptions are intriguing enough; it's a future where virtual reality can provide people with their most sought-after desires that State of Mind directs our attention.

Set in the year 2048 and located principally in Berlin, Richard Nolan has just survived a severe accident and awoke to find that his wife and son are missing. Seemingly in a different city on the other side of the world, Adam Newman has also come away from a similar mishap, and it's from here that the two journalists eventually become acquainted.

Suspicious and reluctant to help Richard uncover the truth about his family at first, Adam soon realises that everything around him is not exactly what it seems. Trapped in a utopian virtual world known as City5, he must use his journalistic skills to recover and search through Richard's memories which present themselves in the form of data fragments. As Adam uncovers each one, a conspiracy begins to reveal itself including revelations about Richard's family, Adam's existence and a scientist named Dr Kutrz.