Monday 26 March 2018

God of War - Two-hour hands-on preview in Sydney, Australia

God of War Preview
God of War preview
At a recent hands-on experience in Sydney, Australia; Impulse Gamer gave me the chance to preview the first few hours of the upcoming action-adventure video game, God of War.

On March 14th, I got to sit down with Sony Santa Monica's Senior Community Strategist, Aaron Kaufman for an exclusive preview of God of War in Sydney, Australia. 

After the events of God of War 3, and set in the world of the Norse Gods; Kratos lives with his son Atreus in small log cabin hidden away in the woods. And it's here where Kratos must teach his son how to survive the monstrosities that encompass every inch of their environment.

From the off, we see a different side to Kratos where his aggressive, almost patientless nature must subside to nurture and care for his young son. Although Kratos plays the reluctant father, you can practically feel a caring, dare say, loving side to Kratos consistently struggle to break through his icy exterior.

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